Zac Smith


Our Services and Our Prices

Welcome to the S & B Helicopters information page.

Our goal is to provide the very best and exciting ride we can give to our clients, take the very best photo of our clients home, business, ranch, or farm,  to eradicate the most hogs or coyotes at our clients home or ranch or at our family ranch and much more!  

Because our quality control standards are high, our helicopter pilots are among the best in the business.  

Our goal is to always deliver "The BEST".  We want you, our valued client, to be happy and satisified as well as being repeat client.

Here is a list of our services and prices.

S & B Helicopters specialize in the following:

*Basic Rides

*Aerial Photos/Videos

*Oscar Aerial Application (spraying) for pricing (different from actual tour prices)

*Hog Eradication

*Long Lining

*Animal Surveys

*Land Surveys

*Cattle Herding

*Special Occasions, such as prom, proposals, weddings, anniversary's, birthdays, etc.

Prices are as follows:

Rides, Photos/Videos, Long Lining, Animal/Land Surveys:

$1100.00 per 1 hour

*Please make note that these prices are not per person, they are per ride, and we can carry 3 riders.

Hog Eradication and Coyote Eradication:

$1500.00 per 1 hour (will only take 2 hunters: 1 hunter in front seat and 1 hunter in the 2nd row behind front hunter)

*Also, please make note that these prices DO NOT include the pilots travel time to location and back!  The price does vary because of the distanced traveled.  This will need to be discussed before event with pilot!

For Oscar Aerial Application prices, please contact Zac Smith, 940-704-9682