Zac Smith


About Us

S & B Helicopters was established to provide our clients convenience and excitement!!

My name is Zac Smith, I am owner and operator of S & B Helicopters as well manager of my families ranch, which is Dennis Hereford Cattle Ranch in Oscar, OK.  

I have a license as a commercial pilot to fly helicopters.  I fly a Bell Jet Ranger.  S & B Helicopters is fully insured and Federal Aviation Administration approved. 

All pilots working for S & B Helicopters adhere to both FAA and Department of Transportation guidelines and training.  We also adhere to specific drug/alcohol testing requirements set forth by the FAA. 


As the owner of this company, my promise to our clients is to treat them like part of the S & B Helicopters family with friendliness and respect, but also ensuring them that safety comes first!!